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Athletes In Schools understand that sports day can be a logistical nightmare for teachers trying to balance a busy schedule with organisational duties.

Therefore our sports day service completely takes all the stress away from teachers and puts the responsibility in the hands of our experienced team.

Our unique sports day lesson plan means we can bring organisation to the chaos, and run an outstanding sports day event, which encourages the participation of all students, and introduces students to a healthy dose of competition.

What’s more… a team of Olympic, Paralympic or GB athletes will be fully involved in the organisation and running of the event. They will give an inspiring presentation at the start of the day, organise the day’s events, officiate, hand out medals and even participate in a few races themselves!

80,000 AED



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Yes. Athletes In Schools provide this service to both primary & secondary schools throughout the UAE

As part of our service we create a specific sports day lesson plan for your school; this takes into account many different factors such as the number of students, the ability of those students and even the weather!

Our sports day basically works on a points system, whereby classes in a year group are competing for points. Points can be won by winning events at the sports day. And all points will be collected at the end to determine the winning class.

To make sure this goes to plan, Athletes In Schools have created a unique, tried & tested organisational booklet that allows us to expertly organise sports day events to an exceptionally high standard.

We provide each class within the school with this booklet, and once its filled out by the teachers, it will tell us exactly which students are participating in each event.

The booklet will also give teachers clear instructions on what to do during the sports day.

Once we have received all the booklets back from teachers we can star the next step of including health and safely briefings, organising staff & parents races, and preparing certificates for the students.

Our sports day service can be separated into 2 sections:

Morning – Our athletes will deliver an inspirational assembly style presentation which includes a full sports day briefing. (Please see our Athlete Presentation section for more details)

Afternoon – After lunch, students will report to their allocated seating area in preparation for their event.

Parents will be sent additional information as their participation and support is encouraged.

The athletes will then completely take over, and run through the timetable making sure students report to the right event at the right time, and also recording the positions that the students place.

At the end of the sports day there will be short briefing, and a thank you for all the parents that could make it.

The following day, athletes will come back into school to announce the winning teams, and give our prizes and certificates.

Normally there are 4 athletes involved in the sports day, however this is also dependant on the number of students.

Athletes In Schools are more than happy to increase the number of athletes if required.

Sports day will ideally take place on grass or a tartan running track.

If the school does not have a running track already marked up, we will mark this up using cones as part of the service.

In extreme circumstances we can organise the sports day inside, however we recommend against this.

Athletes In Schools cover the following events with each year group:

Short distance running race
Long distance running race
Skipping race
Obstacle course race
Egg & spoon race
Sack race
Mixed relay races
Standing long jump
Standing vertical jump
Standing Ball throw

The sports day will last a minimum 3 hours after lunch.

Athletes In Schools are flexible however, and can increase this depending upon the requirements of the school.

Athletes In Schools work with all students.

Able-bodied students can participate in the generic sports day events, and schools should make us aware beforehand if any student has a disability so we can include sports events as part of a Para-athletics programme.

What equipment does the school require?

Schools are required to provide athletes with the following equipment:

Skipping ropes
Tennis balls

If the school is unable to provide any of this equipment please let us know so we can bring it with us.

Yes, all students that have participated in the sports day will receive a certificate. The school will also receive a medal and plaque to show their participation in the event.