Athletes In Schools believe that there is not substitute for quality coaching. And we maintain our highstandards by investing highly in our team.

We provide athletics provision for up to a maximum of 38 weeks, split over three school terms. This can include up to 3 in school, after school, or external visits a week, with each session lasting 1 hour 30 minutes.

Our team of UK based British athletes have specifically designed training programmes for each term that are based around a run, jump, throw concept.

This means students get to try a range of different events in each session they attend, and we are able to continue physically and mentally challenging students throughout each term, helping them further develop skills such as speed, strength and stamina.

Whats more,  student progress is monitored and parents are able to receive regular reports highlighting strengths and weaknessesof their child, as well as our recommendations for improvement.




In School

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After School

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External Activities

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The following schemes are available to all schools