The influence of a positive role model on a child’s life can help sculpt their future. Our athletes therefore embody this role model status, and provide inspirational & motivational assembly style presentations for both primary & secondary schools throughout the UAE.

These PowerPoint presentations, usually lasting 1 hour, are both informative & educational, covering a wide range of different topics that engage, entertain, and captivate a student’s imagination.

What’s more, Athletes In Schools can tailor presentations to deliver specific messages.

Whether it’s Anti – Bullying Week, or an Awards Ceremony, we have it covered!

15,000 AED

Frequently asked questions

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The aim of the presentation is to motivate, inspire, & educate students by introducing them to Olympic, Paralympic and professional athletes.
All presentations are specific to the experiences of the individual athlete that is delivering the presentation. As a standard however presentations follow a specific structure and answer the following questions:

Who is the athlete? (Athlete & student icebreaker)
What is the athlete’s sporting background?
What is the athlete’s educational background?
When did the athlete start their chosen sport?
How did the athlete start their chosen sport?
What international competitions has the athlete competed in?
What international medals has the athlete won?
Overall, what has the athlete achieved in their sport?
What setbacks has the athlete had to face?
How has the athlete overcome these setbacks?
What are the athlete future goals?
How will the athlete achieve these goals?
Question & answer session

Teachers are also able to choose from the following topics to cover in the athlete’s presentation:

Anti – Bullying presentation
Anti – Racism presentation
Anti – Smoking presentation
Benefits of exercise presentation
Diet & Nutrition (Obesity awareness)
Disability awareness
Drug awareness
Health awareness (National Health Week)
Sleep patterns & benefits
The history of the Olympic games
Sports specific presentations

Presentations normally last 1 hour, however schools have the option to either lengthen or shorten this timeframe.

We recommend a minimum of 30 minutes for a presentation, so that athletes can deliver all the information clearly and effectively.

Athlete presentations can take place in any school hall that has the facility of a laptop and projector.

If the school wants a presentation without a PowerPoint, this can then be delivered in any hall.

Alternatively, schools are also given the option of classroom presentations. These involve an athlete presenting to smaller groups of students in a classroom.

As the athlete presentation is on a PowerPoint, schools are asked to provide athletes with a laptop and projector.  Although not essential, if schools could also provide a clicker, this would be ideal.

Athletes will bring the PowerPoint presentation on a memory stick. (A copy of this will also be stored on our company Dropbox, in case of an emergency.

In an assembly style format there is no restriction on the number of students in the presentation.

Our athletes are also more than comfortable to present at parent evenings, award ceremonies, and after school events.

For a classroom presentation however, we ask that groups are kept smaller as for health ad safely reasons we require all students to be sat down during the presentation.