أساسيات رياضيات المراحل والميدان لتدريب المعلمين


Our Essentials of Track & Field Athletics for Teachers Coaching Qualification is a track & field specific, elite level coaching programme designed to enhance knowledge, develop understanding and teach the skills required to teach athletics within schools.

Our 3 day course, which is hosted at Repton School, covers over 10 modules, and gives you the opportunity to learn from our experienced team of Olympic, Paralympic and team GB coaches.

Sunday 17th – Tuesday 19th February 2019

3 day Track & Field Coaching Course – 1500 AED per person

Over 3 days the coaching course will cover the following:



  • Introduction to Coach & Athlete development models
  • To understand the fundamentals of athletics
  • How to coach different age groups
  • Warm up & advanced running drills
  • Health & Safety briefing
  • Relay running
  • Block starts
  • Short sprints
  • High jump workshop
  • Advanced high jump


  • Introduction to Coach & Athlete development models
  • Middle distance running
  • Endurance running
  • Shot Putt workshop
  • Long jump workshop
  • Javelin workshop
  • Triple jump
  • Hurdles


  • Assessment day
  • Event catch up

**Please note that this timetable may be altered based on the number of participants


Please can you bring the following every day:

  • PACKED LUNCH (lunch is from 11pm – 12pm daily)
  • Running trainers
  • Plenty of water
  • Short & t-shirt / sports kit
  • Sun cream / skin protection
  • Inhaler & any required medication
  • Course booklet (will be provided)
  • Course Pass (will be provided)


  • Age: 18+ years old
  • Time: 8:00am – 2:00pm
  • Days: Sunday to Tuesday
  • Prompt arrival at 8:00am
  • Finish by 2:00pm daily


All participants will recieve:

  • Official UAE Essentials of Track & Field Athletics for Teachers Coaching Qualification
  • UK certified CPD certificate of course completion


  • Repton Dubai, Nad Al Sheba 3, Dubai, UAE


  • 1500 AED per person for the full 3 day course

Online Payment Details: 

Company Name: AIS Athletics Sports Services

Bank: Emirates Islamic, El Al Barsha Mall, 88 23 Street

Account number: 3508295818301

IBAN: AE870340003508295818301


Reference: Surname


Frequently asked questions

أسئلة مكررة

Booking information

Online – Visit the coaching course page and make a booking page using our booking form.

Phone – Call 04 241 7372 direct and make a booking.

Email – Contact us at

Once a booking has been made, you will receive a booking confirmation. This is formal confirmation that you have been accepted onto the coaching course.

Full and final Payment can be made in full up to 2 days before the start date of the academy.

You can pay using debit card, cheque or cash.

Once a booking has been made, you are still able to cancel with a 50% refund given.

For cancellations please email

Course information

We accept booking from anyone over the age of 18.

The qualification is recognised both in the UK & UAE, and has CPD certification.

There is no guarantee you will be grouped with friends, and there is limited spaces on the course.
Our coaching courses are for adults of all abilities.  Our aim is to mentally challenge your in a fun & enjoyable environment. The day can be as physically demanding as you want to make it, and there is no pressure from us to get involved.

If you have any disability or medical condition, its very important that you make us aware of this in the booking form.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your fitness, and believe you require extra support, please do not hesitate to call us to discuss this matter prior to booking.

If you are in a wheelchair this makes no difference to us. Our qualified coaches have experience working with top wheelchair para-athletes, and therefore if you make us aware before hand we can adapt the coaching to make it more suitable for you.

If you have any questions or concerns about your disability, and believe you require extra support, please do not hesitate to call us to discuss this matter prior to booking.

Its normal to feel a little nervous, however our coaching programme has been designed to settle you in very quickly. Our icebreaker on the first day is a great way of making you relaxed and comfortable.
There will be a maximum of 100 adults on the course.
It’s fair to say that you won’t find a set of head coaches as enthusiastic, inspirational & qualified, as our team.

We say this because our team of coaches are made up of 50 Olympic, Paralympic, and Team GB athletes from around the UK.

We have spent many years fine tuning our recruitment process, and this has lead to us being able to recruit some of the top athletes not only in the UK, not only in Europe, but in the world!

We are also currently working with head coaches who have previously been coaching world champions, so again, its fair to say you will be learning from the best.

We will know the weather report a good week in advance of the course; therefore we can plan ahead if there is severe weather warnings.

A small amount of heat should not put of a budding sports man or woman, and therefore we would continue the programme if this was the case. But we aim to avoid the sun with most activities.

It goes without saying that a risk assessment would be done before we carry out the activities to ensure your safety.

Please arrive by 8.30am for a prompt start.

If you’re running late its important you make us aware asap. We won’t be able to hold back the start time of the course, but we can make sure you are briefed before you join the team.
We do everything possible to ensure that you are in a safe environment.

Our risk assessment highlights that, and although its very difficult to fully eradicate small bumps & scrapes; we have taken the appropriate steps to try and eradicate any serious injuries you may otherwise sustain.

Please rest assured however, that in the case of any injury, we have a fully qualified first aider on the academy.

For anything beyond a minor injury, you will be immediately taken to hospital.

If you become ill on the course, you will be taken to a relaxed and comfortable environment for a rest.

It would then be in your best interest to go home if your condition gets worse.

If you are injured or ill before the academy starts please do not attend the course.

It is important that you are symptom free for at least 48 hours before attending the course.

What to bring on the course

Please can you bring a snack, and plenty of water. You will be participating in activities for most of the day, and therefore its essential that you are well fuelled throughout the day.

A refillable water bottle is essential however as you will need to stay well hydrated throughout the day.

Alongside any medication that you require, (including inhalers, Epi – pens) please also pack sun cream.

Finally, please insure that everything has you initials on it. Just in case something goes missing, it will be easier to identify and return.

Its important that you dress appropriately for exercise. Alongside a decent pair of trainers and socks, we recommend that you wear shorts & t-shirt, and possibly a cap depending on the weather.

We also recommend you pack a spare pair of socks and a t-shirt, as you can get quite warm throughout the day.

Electronic devices will not be required on the academy. This includes mobile phones, iPods etc.

We will not take responsibly for electronic items being lost, damaged or going missing.

Money will also not be required on the academy.

Our policies

If you require the risk assessment, or any information regarding our health and safety policy please email or team on
AIS has a ‘0 tolerance’ policy towards bullying and bad behaviour. As part of the initial icebreaker on day one of the academy we will reiterate our policy to all to make you aware of how serious this matter is.

If there is any issues regarding bullying, and the issue will be dealt with efficiently in the proper manner.

As for bad behaviour, our coaches are experienced in dealing with behavioural issues and therefore wherever possible we aim to resolve any issues immediately.

In the rare occasion that an adult has a prolonged negative impact on the experience on other children, we reserve the right to exclude them from the academy.

No refund for the academy will be given if this is the case, and we also reserve the right to cover any additional costs associated with damage (id damage has been causes).

AIS  are committed to safeguarding and positively impacting the welfare of adults and children. All our coaches share this mentality.

We have a moral obligation and statutory responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of all.

A risk assessment has been conducted at the venue, so we can provide a safe and friendly environment where children feel welcomed.

AIS is committed to equal opportunities, and therefore we welcome adults of all genders, religions or race.

We have a ‘0 tolerance’ policy towards discrimination of any sort.

AIS respects your privacy and we will never pass on, sell or share any of your personal information.

Your personal information will be stored securely at all times and is only accessible by a small number of authorized staff, therefore rest assured your privacy is very important to us.

All adults that participate in the course will receive a certificate of participation, and a an official coaching qualifcation.