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Our business enterprise event allows students to express their creativity in a highly competitive learning environment that brings sport and education together.

This unique event involves teams of students creating, designing and marketing a new sports drink that a professional athlete could use. This product will then be presented to a panel of industry experts in a Dragons Den/ Apprentice style challenge.

A team of GB athletes will also be present throughout the day to help teams complete all the tasks and inspire creativity.

56,000 AED


Frequently asked questions

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Yes. Athletes In Schools provide this service to both primary & secondary schools throughout the UAE.

As part of our service we create a business enterprise lesson plan for your school; this takes into account many different factors such as the number of students, the ability of those students and the resources we have available.

The event is a full day event, and therefore starts at 9am, and finishes at 4pm.
The event can be run for a whole year group or a whole school, depending on numbers.
Depending on student numbers we can bring anywhere from 3 to 10 athletes. We also provide the school wish a event coordinator, and 3 industry experts who will act as judges.
Our events work on a points system, where teams win points for creativity, innovation, and implementation of their product.

The general structure of the event can be broken down in a morning and afternoon section:

Morning – Our athletes will deliver an inspirational assembly style presentation which includes a full business enterprise day briefing.

After the presentation, students will split up into their groups and report to their allocated rooms.

In the rooms there will be a resource pack with all the resources required, and an information booklet.

The booklet will be a step-by-step guide through the whole event, and highlight the tasks that need completing.

Groups will also be given a time for their presentation. This will be after lunch.

Afternoon – After lunch, students will report back to their rooms and continue with completing all tasks, until they are called for their presentation.

They will then report to a specific room where they will be presenting to the industry experts. This presentation will last 10 minutes, and include a question and answer session.

All presentations will finish before 3pm.

At 3pm there will be another presentation delivered by the industry experts. This presentation will be to announce the winner of the best product, and present groups with certificates.

Student groups must complete the following tasks:

  • Research the specific roles of the vitamins in the human body, to a point where they can present their findings to the panel.
  • Create a brand; logo, slogan, advertisement poster as well as designing what the bottle will look like.
  • Create a TV advert for the product that includes the participation of all students.
  • Complete a financial summary. Students must be well aware of all the finances associated with launching a new product i.e. expected turnover, profit & loss profiles, supply & demand information.
  • Marketing the product to the panel of industry experts, highlighting all their findings, why they chose the product and ingredients, why they branded it in a specific way and what market is it aimed towards.
  • Answer all questions in the information booklet.
The industry experts are people who have practical experience working within the sports drink industry. In the past we have had managing directors of top international companies visit schools to judge products and give feedback.

All industry experts are CRB/ DBS checked and we will provide all details of their experience on request.

Athletes In Schools ask schools to provide each group with a resources box. This resources box should include the following:

  • A4 paper (white & coloured)
  • A3 paper (white & coloured)
  • Coloured card
  • Colouring pens & pencils
  • Scissors
  • Glue