مخيم ألعاب القوى الربيع

From Sunday 18th August 2019 to Thursday 29th August 2019, we will be hosting our Summer Great Britain Athletics Camp at Dubai American Academy.

This Athletics Camp is designed for skill development, and helping athletes run faster, jump higher and throw further! It will be ran by our team of 5 British Olympians, and Team GB athletes.

These athletes have all represented Great Britain at an international level, and many have even won Olympic, Paralympic, World, European, and Commonwealth medals for their county.

The camp combines sports specific classroom based education with event specific athletics coaching in a fun and enjoyable environment. And whats more, as it runs over 5 days after school, it gives students the opportunity to learn from, and be inspired by our team of British athletes who specialise in different events.

Our Athletics Academy is available to all primary and secondary students within all schools throughout the UAE.

18th August – 29th August 2019 

10 day Athletics Academy – 2000 AED per child 

Over 10 days the Academy will cover the following drills, events & game activities.



  • Full Academy induction (classroom based)
  • Student ice-breakers (classroom based)
  • Olympic style warm ups
  • Blocks & sprint starts
  • High jump practice
  • 100m sprint training session
  • 200m – 600m running
  • Long jump workshop
  • Triple jump workshop
  • Shot putt workshop
  • Javelin workshop
  • Hurdles practice
  • Cone Colour touch
  • Tail grab
  • Bean bag scramble
  • Bodyweight circuits
  • Mirroring
  • Movers for kids


  • Advanced speed training
  • Advances acceleration training
  • Resistance training
  • Strength & conditioning
  • Plyometrics
  • Ballistics
  • Electronic timing / performance testing
  • Speed, agility & reaction drills
  • Medicine ball work
  • Conditioning Circuit 1
  • Recovery & physiotherapy

**Please note that the official timetable will be sent to parents 1 week before*


Please can your child bring the following every day:

  • PACKED LUNCH (lunch is from 11am – 12pm daily)
  • Running trainers
  • Plenty of water
  • Short & t-shirt / sports kit
  • Sun cream / skin protection
  • Inhaler & any required medication
  • Athletes Academy booklet (will be provided)
  • Athlete Pass (will be provided)


  • Age: 6 -12 years old
  • Time: 9am – 2:00pm
  • Days: Sunday to Thursday
  • Drop-off at 8.30am
  • Pick-up at 2:00pm


  • Age: 13 -18 years old
  • Time: 9am – 2:00pm
  • Days: Sunday to Thursday
  • Drop-off at 8:30am
  • Pick-up at 2:00pm


  • Dubai American Academy, Hessa Street, Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Barsha, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


  • 2000 AED per child for the 10 day Athletics Academy
  • 1200 AED per child for the 5 day Athletics Academy
  • or pay per day – 300 AED per child

Online transfer details – Please make all payments to the following account.

Company Name: AIS Athletics Sports Services

Bank: Emirates Islamic

Account number: 3508295818301

IBAN: AE870340003508295818301


Frequently asked questions

أسئلة مكررة

Booking information

Online – Visit the academy, or make a booking page.

Phone – Call 058 529 7400 direct and make a booking.

Email – Contact us at

School –Send the return slip back to your school

Once a booking has been made, you will receive a booking confirmation. This is formal confirmation that your child has been accepted into the 5-day academy.

Please note that if you have more than one child we do offer a discount. this will automatically update on the booking page.

Full and final Payment can be made in full up to 2 days before the start date of the academy.

You can pay using credit card, debit card, cheque or cash.

Once a booking has been made, you are still able to cancel with a 50% refund given.

For cancellations please email

Academy information

The Athletics Academies is for students aged 6 to 18.

we have 2 separate academies running per day. These are the Youth Easter Athletics Academy and Teen Elite Sprint Academy. Please see individual academy details.

Yes. Children are grouped by age so that they are with their peers during the academy, and therefore able to make friends with like-minded children.

In special circumstances, we sometimes group the child based on ability, however; in all cases children are given an appropriate level of coaching in an enjoyable, friendly and safe environment.

Yes, as long as they are of a similar age.

If you make us aware of your child’s friends on the booking form we can try our best to make sure that they are in the same group.

Our academy days are for children of all abilities.  Our aim is to mentally & physically challenge your child in a fun & enjoyable environment. Therefore our qualified coaching staff can very easily increase or decrease the intensity of an activity.

If the child suffers from any disability or medical condition, its very important that you make us aware of this in the booking form. The 5 day academy may aggravate any disability or medical condition, so its important that we are aware, so we can effectively deal with this situation and ensure that your child enjoys their academy experience.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s fitness, and believe they require extra support, please do not hesitate to call us to discuss this matter prior to booking.

If you child is in a wheelchair this makes no difference to us. Our qualified coaches have experience working with top wheelchair para-athletes, and therefore if you make us aware before hand we can adapt the lesson plan to make it suitable for your child.  This may include you child working one on one with a Team GB athlete.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child disability, and believe they require extra support, please do not hesitate to call us to discuss this matter prior to booking.

Its normal to feel a little nervous on your first day, however our academy programme has been designed to settle your child very quickly. Our icebreaker on the first day is a great way of making your child feel relaxed and comfortable.

They will be making new friends and feel confident in their surroundings within no time at all.

Parents are also welcome to call at any time and check on how their child is settling in.  Please also be assured that if there are any issues with your child we would contact you directly as soon as possible to make you aware.

The Athletics Academy can have up to 100 students on them. However each group is made up of 25 children only to 1 Team GB coach and one assistant coach.

The larger the academies the better, as it means your child has the opportunity to make more friends, and also meet more Olympians, Paralympians, and Team GB athletes.

Its important to note that more children we have on the academies the more coaching staff we will recruit.

If only 100 students sign up for the Athletics Academy we would only bring 5 Team GB athletes and this would be enough to successfully run the academy.

It’s fair to say that you won’t find a set of head coaches as enthusiastic, inspirational & qualified, as our team.

We say this because our team of coaches are made up of 50 Olympic, Paralympic, and Team GB athletes from around the UK.

We have spend many years fine tuning our recruitment process, and this has lead to us being able to recruit some of the top athletes not only in the UK, not only in Europe, but in the world!

We are also currently working with head coaches who have previously been world champions and world record holders, so again, its fair to say your child will be learning from the best.

Alongside these head coaches, your child will also have the opportunity to work with qualified and experienced assistant coaches. Again, these will be made up of Team GB athletes.

The assistant coaches will deal with any day to day issues your child may have, whereas the head coach will oversee and run all the individual activities.

The child to coach ratio will usually be 30 students to one head coach and one assistant coach.  This will vary however as with many of the activities there will be 4 coaches to every 30 students.
We will know the weather report a good week in advance of the academy; therefore we can plan ahead if there is severe weather warnings.

A small amount of heat should not put of a budding sports man or woman, and therefore we would continue the programme if this was the case. But we aim to avoid the sun with most activities.

It goes without saying that a risk assessment would be done before we carry out the activities to ensure the safely of your child.

Youth Athletics Academy drop off time: 4:30pm

Youth Athletics Academy pick up time: 7:00pm

Teen Athletics Academy drop off time: 6:30pm

Teen Athletics Academy pick up time: 9:00pm

If you’re running late its important you make us aware asap, so we can provide the appropriate cover for your child until you arrive.

This will involve at least 2 coaches staying behind, therefore its important that you are accurate with the time you are actually going to arrive.

Athletes In Schools has the right to charge up to 100 AED for every 30minutes that you are late beyond 8:00pm. This is to cover the cost of the coaches staying behind.

AIS Academy do everything possible to ensure that your child is in a safe environment.

Our risk assessment highlights that, although itsvery difficult to fully eradicate small bumps & scrapes; we have taken the appropriate steps to eradicate any serious injuries your child may otherwise sustain.

Please rest assured however, that in the case of any injury, we have a fully qualified first aider on the academy.

For anything beyond a minor injury, you will be immediately informed and in the unlikely event of a serious injury, we will also inform the emergency services.

If your child becomes ill on the academy, we will keep them in a relaxed and comfortable environment, and inform you of the issue.

It would then be in your best interest to collect your child from the academy, as we do not have the facility to provide an extended period of care to your child.

We also require that you any child that is ill unfortunately does not attend the academy for the full duration of their illness.

If your child is injured or ill before the academy starts please do not allow your child to attend the academy.

It is important that your child is symptom free for at least 48 hours before attending the academy.

Please be aware that if your child does come to the academy will an injury or illness that prevents them from taking part, we reserve the right to refuse entry to the academy.  This is simply because we have a duty of care to the other children taking part.

What to bring on the academy

Please can your child bring a snack, and plenty of water. Your child will be participating in sports activities for most of the day, and therefore its essential that they are well fuelled throughout the day.

We recommend fruit as a substitute to junk food, however as a parent we leave this up to you.

A refillable water bottle is essential however as your child will need to stay well hydrated throughout the day. (We will supply drinking water)

Alongside any medication that your child requires, (including inhalers, Epi – pens) please also pack sun cream for your child. If the weather is good, we will remind your child throughout the day to apply the sun cream.

Finally, please insure that everything has your child’s initials on it. Just in case something goes missing, it will be easier to identify and return to your child.

Its important that your child has clothes for all weather conditions. Alongside a decent pair of trainers and socks, we recommend that your child wear shorts & t-shirt, and possibly a cap depending on the weather.

We also recommend you pack a spare pair of socks and a t-shirt, as students can get quite warm throughout the day.

Electronic devices will not be required on the academy. This includes mobile phones, iPods etc.

We will not take responsibly for electronic items being lost, damaged or going missing on the camp.

Money will also not be required on the academy.

Our policies

If you require the risk assessment, or any information regarding our health and safety policy please email or team on
AIS Academy has a ‘0 tolerance’ policy towards bullying and bad behaviour. As part of the initial icebreaker on day one of the academy we will reiterate our policy to the children to make them aware of how serious this matter is.

As we are aiming to create a fun & enjoyable atmosphere at the academies, its also important that as a parent you correctly educate you child on this matter.

If there is any issues regarding bullying, parents will be made aware, and the issue will be dealt with efficiently in the proper manner.

As for bad behaviour, our coaches are experienced in dealing with behavioural issues and therefore wherever possible we aim to resolve any issues immediately.

In the rare occasion that a child has a prolonged negative impact on the experience on other children, we reserve the right to exclude your child from the academy.

No refund for the academy will be given to parents if this is the case, and AIS Academy also reserve the right to cover any additional costs associated with providing transport home for your child. This will then be the parent’s responsibility.

AIS Academy are committed to safeguarding and positively impacting the welfare of children. All our coaches share this mentality.

We have a moral obligation and statutory responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children.

A risk assessment has been conducted at the venue, so we can provide a safe and friendly environment where children feel welcomed.

Our coaching staff have been trained to identify the signs of abuse and neglect at the early stages.  Due to this we are able to provide effective support for your child.

AIS Academy is committed to equal opportunities, and therefore we welcome children of all genders, religions or race. All children at our academies have access to the same opportunities

We have a ‘0 tolerance’ policy towards discrimination of any sort.

AIS Academy respects your privacy and we will never pass on, sell or share any of your personal information.

Your personal information will be stored securely at all times and is only accessible by a small number of authorized staff, therefore rest assured your privacy is very important to us.

All children that participate in the Athletics Academy will receive a certificate of participation.

All children that have paid to participate for the full 5 day academy will also receive our official Great Britain Athletics Academy T-shirt. All the Team GB athletes coaching on the academy will be happy to sign this for your child.

Teeshirt price – 180 AED

Vest price – 140 AED